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Carin Al-Hamdani

Carin Al-Hamdani

Carin Al-Hamdani focuses her practice on representing businesses, both private and public, and on providing counsel and representation in matters of complex litigation, corporate and small business creation, governance, and risk management.  While highly selective in her practice, Carin also represents individuals in civil rights, medical malpractice, and juvenile custody actions. Carin believes in serving her community as a whole to assist clients who have truly been wronged.  She is an advocate for all forms of social justice and her work reflects such advocacy. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Dayton International Peace Museum.


Before attending law school, Carin worked as a Paralegal Intern for GE Aviation.  There she assisted in restructuring a recently acquired subsidiary, adopting and rolling out policies and procedures, managing corporate governance issues, and ensuring compliance with policies and procedures across both the subsidiary and GE Aviation as a whole.


Carin graduated from the University of Dayton, School of Law in 2013. During and after law school, she began working for a small law firm where she practiced complex litigation in the areas of medical malpractice, civil rights, personal injury, health care law, corporate negligence, and other highly complex litigation matters.  Carin has successfully mediated and settled multiple six figure cases on behalf of her clients.


After the birth of her first son, Carin became a part-time solo practitioner where she assisted both start-ups and established for-profit and non-profit businesses in creation, formation, governance, contracts, policies and procedures, and advised on risk management matters.  She continued to represent clients involved in complex litigation.  


Additionally, seeking to bring a voice to those not always heard, Carin became a Guardian ad Litem for Montgomery County Juvenile Court and now handles matters of juvenile law, adoption, and child custody.  She has also provided pro bono immigration work on behalf of immigrants in the Dayton area.


Carin brings a highly unique and coveted skill set to Dinkler Law Office as an Associate Attorney, as her experience covers a broad range of complex matters affecting both corporate and individual clients.  Her colleagues have referred to her as a "unicorn" in terms of her experience and ability to effectively analyze matters and litigate complex cases over a broad range of legal issues and areas of law.

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